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Newspaper article on Dr Mac from 1948. This psychic lived, though his heart stopped beating. He watched two "dead" doctors "operate" to revive him.

"TWO WORLDS" Reporter – “I HAVE just met a man who came back from the dead. He is Murdo MacDonald-Bayne, 76-year-old spiritual healer who, in over 50 years of traveling, has been in almost every country in the world, including Tibet”. All this time he never had an illness. Then he came to London at the end of last year and was so besieged by patients that he was working a 19-hour day. His own health rapidly deteriorated. He was in his Mayfair consulting room when the end came. His heart stopped beating. He fell to the ground, blood filling his lungs and gushing from his mouth. By the time the doctor arrived his liver had expanded like a large rubber tyre across his diaphragm, his legs were black.

The end, did I say? Well, in a million other cases it would have been. The doctor, who could do nothing but rush him to hospital, still cannot account for his "miraculous" recovery. But to Dr Mac Donald-Bayne, who was taught how to leave his body at will by Tibetan psychics, there is nothing mysterious about his reprieve. He watched two "dead" doctors working on his heart and stood by them during the "operation". He knew then that he was not meant to die.......yet. Strangely enough, his heart figured in an amazing experience he had in his home in the Scottish Highlands when he was only seven. He says he saw the form of Jesus at the window. Whether this was imagination or not, young Murdo collapsed and came out of subsequent coma with remarkable psychic powers. He was able to see through walls, and vivid clairvoyant pictures of someone's funeral would invariably precede their death.

Physically, the result of the vision had not been so beneficial. The doctor told Murdo's parents that his heart had jumped two inches out of place! He said that Murdo must stay in bed for at least six months. But when, a few days later, the lad heard a voice telling him to get up and run about, he obeyed it un-hesitatingly. He was still not in his teens when at a secondhand bookshop in Perth he came across some faded volumes on yoga which "seemed to ring a bell deep down." Fascinated by accounts of levitation he began experimenting. Jumping from walls and windows sills he was soon able to drop 30 feet, "coming down slowly and landing lightly on my toes." Clairaudience replaced clairvoyance as manhood approached. Instead of seeing what went on in the next room, he found he could listen to conversations in any part of the house - he often heard things he wasn't supposed to! He also discovered that he could read people's minds. Their thoughts seemed to form inside his mind.

He studied medicine at Edinburgh University, but instead of taking his degree he went to India, discouraged by the materialistic outlook of the medical profession. In India he met yogis who were to help him develop his natural psychic gifts. He was taught how to draw on universal magnetic forces. He acquired what many would consider "miraculous" powers.

The Scotsman had come a long way since he left the Highlands. But he was to go much further - to China, Japan, Canada, U.S.A., South America, Africa, Europe, Australia, until finally he became one of the very few privileged Europeans to enter the mysterious and practically inaccessible land Tibet. He found it to be an occult stronghold. Mediums and yogis with astounding powers taught him still further secrets in the art of how to master the forces in the atmosphere. He saw, at one Tibetan séance which took place in the open air, scores of perfectly materialized figures, including the form of his "dead" mother who came up to him and spoke in Gaelic.

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