Divine Flame:

Understand that you are a spark of the Divine Flame, a drop out of the ocean of Spirit; that you are a being, growing, developing, unfolding, moving forward to a great goal, and then the urge is always upward and onward. Form an idea of a perfect body and endeavour to live so that it will grow accordingly.

Return to Nature. Allow the great Life to flow freely through you. Let the Power do its work for you. All it asks for is confidence. You will find that, within you, you have the power and the plan that have been placed there by the creator.

You soul is evolving and returning home to its great Majesty and Power. Therefore recognize that you have this Power by which you can accomplish many things. It has lived in this physical body, it has gained experience in this world, you have met many fellow-travellers on the same road, you have conversed with some and loved others, and you may have hated too. The fact is that hates and jealousies create destruction in the temple of the Spirit where Love and Joy and Peace and Harmony with your fellow-men bring positive action that gives you strength, health and happiness.

Therefore, within you is this Power, by which you can accomplish many things. By placing your will in contact with the Creator your will and His will become one: and great will be your reward. Have a true understanding of Nature and allow the Divine Principle to manifest through you. Live the natural life, eat natural food, breathe properly, think thoughts of joy and love, and your temple will be complete.

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