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Tonight I am going to ask you this question: Do you think that your mind affects your health? Many know that it does. Although you have heard so much about it, it still remains parrot-talk. I want you to know why it affects your bodily health. In this lecture I am going to show you how your mind affects your body, and in simple language I am going to explain to you the scientific facts underlying this great subject.

In Amos 5: verse 10 it reads, “A man runs from a lion and a bear springs at him; he hides indoors, and, rest his hand on the wall, and a serpent bites him - ” Is this not the state of man’s mind, rushing from one thing he runs into another, because he has not yet discerned the way to overcome all things.

Here we see clearly how one person may run from one thing to another. They worry about this they worry about that. If then something troubles them something else troubles them. If we fear something we are sure to fear something else. Fear is often the basic principle underlying all our troubles.

If we can realise then how to discern what we are doing then we will be able to overcome. We will not be like the man that runs from a lion and a bear springs at him and he hides indoors and rests his hand on the wall, a serpent bites him. We will be free from all these things and that is knowing how.

Neurotic or mental troubles are generally called imaginary illnesses. Those who do not suffer from them assume them to be imaginary and the effects that appear are so-called imaginary. But these troubles are very real to the person who suffers from them, and it is necessary to understand how they come about otherwise there can be no cure for the sufferer.


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