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The majority of people in this world are in a continuous struggle through their reactions to conditions and circumstances that surround them. They struggle because of unfulfilled desires, they feel the lack of things, they are bound by ill-health, they fear the future because of the past, so the struggle goes on incessantly.

Now think, the large mass of people in the world today are doing this. In fact struggling has become to be a habit with most people. And when they are struggling they have lost that which is real within themselves. Struggling is always something towards outside themselves. Therefore they are reacting to conditions and by reacting to those conditions they begin to struggle, unaware of the fact that they have power and dominion of all things.

Now when we begin to analyse the condition of the mind under this continuous struggle we find that it is full of negativeness which means only one thing, frustration.

If we struggle with ill-health, if we struggle with burdens, we struggle against any condition, we only create a greater burden upon ourselves, because of our minds being filled with the effects of our struggle, therefore incapable of true direction, because we are unaware of cause.

Now Let us analyze this deeply so that we can see how to act with direction. If we rebel against anything we struggle with it, this is reaction from without. If we are controlled by our conditions and circumstances. We have lost our God-given power of dominion over all things.

Now you will see clearly that struggling is a negative condition. Supposing now that you were in water, in deep water, and you are not able to swim. And you found yourselves floundering. You begin to struggle in the water and what is the first thing that happens to you? You drown of course, because you struggle in such a way without any direction of any kind, and consequently you sink. That’s exactly the same as it is in the world. You are sinking through your struggling in a world that you do not understand.


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