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Originally published in two volumes, now presented in this single volume.

These Lectures were taken down verbatim as given by Dr. MacDonald-Bayne to his students in the Auditorium, Escom House, Johannesburg, South Africa during 1946.


The style adopted in these Lectures is intentional and the repetitions are deliberate. This double object is to convey the Truth to the mind. It is through this unique form of wording and of repetition that the Student is able to grasp the reality that is invisible and which is the basis of the visible. When we understand the invisible we are the more able to understand the visible.

Many people cannot understand that which is not seen, yet all that is seen exists only because of that which is unseen—and it is this great Truth that is being expressed right through these Lectures.

When the Student grasps the immensity and the inexhaustible nature of this wonderful unseen Universe of ours, he will be the more able to control that which is visible. We place an interpretation upon what we see with our physical eyes, but these interpretations are based upon opinions which are limited and obscure. Once this fact is realised, more effort will be made, in the endeavour to find the secret behind the visible Universe. I trust that you will progress through these Lectures diligently, quietly and slowly. Repeat the process as often as you can. The more often one reads, the more one begins to understand.

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Divine Metaphysics is a system or technique that enables us to eliminate from our minds, our bodies and our circumstances, adverse conditions and replace them with perfect health and happiness and an abundance of the things we need. You may say that this is a tall order. Nevertheless it is true. It has been done by the Masters, who state positively that it can be done by anyone who will practise diligently .

(Originally published in 2 parts—now in one volume)

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