Dear Friends,

Thank you for the many warm communications and requests for healing we received at the Sanctuary during this year of 2009. We are always happy to hear from those requesting healing, and of course to hear when health is being restored.

There is a strict code of ethic in which healing requests are rescored in the Sanctuary Healing Register. Dr Mac was shown in the Himalayas that the Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power existed above the mighty Himalayas mountains, and was a great source of healing if we were just aware of it. The Silent Workers within the Sanctuary are the many healing angels wishing only to hear us call so they can reach out and provide light and healing. These Silent Workers include the many fine healers and medical people that have passed from the earth plane, and continue with their passion to care for and help heal our brothers and sisters in need of guidance, healing, encouragement, and support.

In understanding the cause of our illness we are able to remove its symptoms by not giving it thought or power. Our natural state of health is then restored by itself. Many of our physical illness are not physical problems at all, but are rather emotional or mental disturbances and misunderstandings. When we deal with emotional or mental causes through understanding what has brought about them about, and eliminate them, the effect disappears. As in mathematics when the error in a sum is corrected, the error disappears. Where does the error go? Nowhere it just ceases to exist. Dis-ease or illness is exactly the same, in that as soon as the error is corrected, health and harmony are restored.

We would like to say thank you to John Straub, our great healer within the Sanctuary, who provides direct communications to the many people wanting to understand and eliminate errors in their emotional and mental bodies, and restore health and balance to their physical bodies and living circumstances.

Thank you also to the good Daisy who tirelessly coordinates the library activities, and to Kenrick Finlayson of Mystica in New Zealand and his team for the wonderful work they have done in this and past years making the great works of Dr Mac available for all to read and learn from.

Lastly, may we please wish each of our friends and family within the Dr Mac and Sanctuary family, a warm, peaceful, and splendid Christmas.

To health in 2010 and beyond!

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Our Best, David and all at the Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power.